ID Global Corporation Updates Progress of Jack Rockwell Project

HINSDALE, Ill., Sept. 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ID Global Corporation (OTC:IDGC) a diversified holdings company with a focus on emerging and middle market investment opportunities in North America, today announces update on strategic alliance with Jack Rockwell, LLC.

JACK ROCKWELL: The United States Patent and Copyright Office has issued Jack Rockwell LLC, an apparatus patent for The Farquest, a commercial grade single cup coffee brewing system. This is the company's second patent, it was awarded a patent in 2011 for its coffee making process known as Crema Coffee.

THE APPARATUS PATENT: The Farquest is a single cup serves brewing system which produces a 12, 16 and 20 ounce cup of coffee. Apparatus patent is for brewing coffee comprising a brewing chamber for receiving programmable quantities of ground coffee, pressurized water, a piston for compressing the ground coffee in the brewing chamber, and an o-ring fitted to the outside of the piston so as to maintain a pressure-tight seal against the wall of the brewing chamber.

ID Global Corp. is investing in emerging and established public and private companies that would benefit from the advantages of having the resources and expertise regarding Management, Finance, Social Media, and both Consumer products and Eco-Friendly processes. The company is positioning itself as being a catalyst between these companies to raise and infuse capital when required, and utilizing a strict criteria and selection process will mitigate risk and allow the company to build and maintain a diversified portfolio.

Sebastien DuFort, president and CEO stated "We look forward to the continued progression of our relationship in bringing to market this now patented superior consumer product."

About Jack Rockwell

Jack Rockwell Créma coffee is a company whose objective is to create a profitable, marketable, expandable business through their services and products. Jack Rockwell Créma coffee has successfully developed a unique innovative patented process producing their signature "Créma Coffee" by the cup. The main focus Jack Rockwell will be on distributing their Now Patented machine, called "The Farquest", to produce their patented coffee process, to retail coffeehouses, hotels, restaurant's, sports venues, Luxury resorts and cafés across North America. Potential partners in licensees are companies such as Dunkin' Donuts, McDonald's, Peet's coffee, Coffee Bean & Tea Leafs and other independent retail locations throughout North America.

About ID Global Corporation

ID Global Corporation (IDGC) is a diversified holdings company with a focus on emerging and middle market investment opportunities in North America. IDGC seeks, through debt and equity investments, controlling interests in established companies as well as special situation start-ups.

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