EMK Placental Botanical Skin Care Launches Radical Repair Eye Cream

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Sept. 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The eyes are a primary indicator of vitality and health, and the delicate orbital eye area of the face demonstrates some of the very first signs of aging. Expression lines, crow's feet, deep wrinkles, and loss of firmness reveal the passage of time way before it's time. Compounding these aging effects are the body's ability to curb inflammation and achieve optimal circulation- the causes of those intractable under eye bags and dark circles. Anti-aging eye creams focus primarily on wrinkles. Firming eye treatments focus on puffiness and dark circles. EMK Placental Botanical Skin Care now introduces a singular eye cream that does it all- combats age signs, hydrates, and helps treat darkness and under eye bags in one sweep. Radical Repair Eye Cream.

The effectiveness of this cream is achieved through a proprietary blend of the most advanced anti-aging peptides formulated specifically for the eye area. From the initial application there is an immediate visible lifting and smoothing effect that makes eyes appear younger. On a deeper level, the cream intensely hydrates with Hyaluronic Acid and smoothes wrinkles in an action similar to DHEA- the 'youth vitamin.' This produces firmness and elasticity. A clinically proven biopeptide protects collagen and works from within to plump up wrinkles and expression lines to lessen their depth and visibility.

Eyeliss and Haloxyl combat puffiness and dark under eye circles by improving circulation and combating the skin's inflammatory response. This smoothes and brightens the eye contour and reduces the tired looking bags.

Super antioxidants Beta Carotene, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E protect the delicate eye area from oxidative damage that leads to premature aging.

Foundational to the cream's efficacy are the line's signature plant placental extracts that assist all the active ingredients in the optimal penetration of the skin's dermal layers.

EMK Placental Founder and skin care authority, Emilia Karsh, touts the benefits of plant placental extracts, stating that they "… improve oxygenation and skin tissue elasticity to diminish wrinkles, lift skin tone and boost collagen creation."

Radical Repair Eye Cream is presented in an upscale gold metalized jar that bespeaks its exceptional properties. Suggested retail price is $85.00 for the .05 oz. treatment cream.

EMK Placental Botanical Skin Care products are offered in select physician's offices, spas, beauty stores and online at www.emkplacental.com. For further information contact info@emkplacental.com or phone EMK Products at 310-279-5113.

About EMK Placental Botanical Skin Care

Founded in 2001, the mission of EMK Products has been to bring the proven anti-aging skin treatment benefits of placental protein to women worldwide. A pioneer in human placenta protein based skin care and now botanical plant placental skin care treatments, EMK Products continues to utilize new anti-aging skin care technologies to bring about industry acclaimed skin repairing results. All products are paraben free and made in the USA.

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