New YesZone Marketing Solution Manages Entire Customer Lifecycle in One Platform

PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yesmail Interactive, an Infogroup company, today announced the release of YesZone, a cloud-based solution that combines customer data from multiple sources and provides deeper insights so marketers can execute personalized, multichannel campaigns. This capability is for marketers that currently use Yesmail as their email service provider and future clients.

YesZone brings data and technology together in a flexible solution that enables marketers to track the entire customer lifecycle in one place and create rich audience profiles. It unites disparate traditional customer data – such as transactional, point-of-sale, social and email – and overlays it with more comprehensive data – such as behavioral, household and lifestage – giving the marketer a cross-channel view of all customer interactions. It is designed to bring maximum efficiency by means of a cost-effective model that is aligned with today's marketer's needs.

YesZone consolidates multichannel campaign management and analytics, allowing for a single execution point for email, web, mobile and social communications, driving results.

"YesZone facilitates the alignment of analytics, communication strategies and creative," said Michael Fisher, president of Yesmail Interactive. "This enables improved results by delivering relevant and contextual communication to the customer whenever and wherever they expect them."

According to Fisher, marketers realize traditional marketing strategies are declining in effectiveness and resulting in lower response rates and lower incremental sales lifts. Consumers are increasingly engaging only with relevant, personalized content.

"Marketers know they need to fully utilize all available customer data and use this data to coordinate consistently across channels at the right time and with the right message," Fisher says. "YesZone gives marketers a single customer view, making every touch point count."

For marketers, the solution makes customer communication more relevant, improves return on investment, leads to higher customer retention, increases customer profitability, identifies missed revenue opportunities and improves contextual communications. Here's how YesZoneworks in real-time:

  • The solution combines first- and third-party customer data such as email, social media, transactional, behavioral, household and lifestage.
  • The data is cleaned, scored and aggregated before being stored in a central cloud database.
  • The cloud-based dashboard, business intelligence and analytics tools allow marketers to create narrow customer segments.
  • The campaign management tool pushes out personalized communication to customers via email, social, and mobile channels.
  • The campaign response data is fed back into the solution so messages and targeting can be further optimized.

"YesZone addresses the operational requirements of putting the abundance of critical cross-channel customer data and insight to work for marketers," said Dan Hall, vice president of product and technology. "With YesZone, brands are able to track and measure the value of their customers across all digital channels, optimize interactions and make predictive analytic targeting choices while managing the customer lifecycle."

For more information on YesZone, call 1-877-YESMAIL, email sales@yesmail.com or visit www.yesmail.com.

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