Docassist and Fesnak Work Together to Improve Productivity for a Healthcare Logistics Provider

Miramar, Florida, Sept. 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Docassist. the leading cloud document management solution, announced today that, working with Fesnak & Associates, it has simplified the processing of payments and credits for Emerson Healthcare, providing a 60 day return on investment. Emerson Healthcare provides logistics for small healthcare brands seeking to do business with large retail chains. Fesnak & Associates is a provider of accounting and consulting services, with offices in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania and New York City.

Emerson Healthcare holds inventory from numerous small vendors and manufacturers and ships to large retailers under a combined invoice. Retailers provide payment that must be split among the vendors, usually making and documenting deductions from the invoiced amount to cover marketing expenses and charge-backs for damaged merchandise, combining multiple manufacturers on the same document. Emerson hired Fesnak to handle its back office payment processing and deduction management, which enabled Emerson to focus on its core business.

Prior to implementing Docassist, Fesnak stored incoming documents sent in by email, regular mail, and file transfer on a local server in folders for each manufacturer. In many instances, the same document had to be copied to multiple folders. Fesnak then sent each manufacturer numerous PDFs, which were often too large to be received and had to be manually broken into smaller PDFs and sent again.

Emerson and Fesnak selected Docassist because:

1. It is easy to email documents into specific Docassist folders; one document can be emailed into multiple folders, with no size limit.

2. Security can be applied at the folder level, assuring that only the right users or organizations have access to those folders.

3. Docassist is a cloud service and no documents need to be kept, managed, or maintained on local servers.

4. Docassist is easy to implement and use.

Using Docassist, Fesnak can email documentation directly to specific Docassist folders for each of the manufacturers involved as soon as that documentation is received. One document can be e-mailed to numerous folders. The manufacturers check these folders to see the documentation behind retailers' payment actions. Many manual steps have disappeared. Fesnak's team is free to concentrate on providing value added services to Emerson. No time is spent placing files on the local server, attaching those files to emails, and distributing them.

"Copying and distributing information to multiple vendors had become a very manual, time-consuming task. Docassist enabled Fesnak to process an ever-increasing volume of deduction documentation more quickly and efficiently, thereby lowering Emerson's outsourcing costs, and freeing up Fesnak staff to focus more time on providing other back office services to Emerson." said Sam Vinovich, the Fesnak manager for Emerson Healthcare. "The ROI was really fast--two months."

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