MicroEdge Announces DonorCentral 3.3

New York, Sept. 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MicroEdge, LLC, the leading provider of solutions to the giving community worldwide, today announced DonorCentral 3.3, an update to its online donor portal for community foundations. This release delivers a number of new capabilities that help community foundations engage and strengthen their donor relationships, while also providing more flexibility and administrative control in managing various aspects of the donor portal.

DonorCentral helps community foundations deliver superior service to their donors through a secure, online donor portal. Foundations can easily deliver relevant, personalized communications and funding opportunities to their donors in a streamlined fashion, while donors gain instant access to important fund and grantmaking information. DonorCentral also enables donors to better manage their philanthropy with the ability to make grant recommendations online for the causes they care about. Moreover, DonorCentral is integrated with FIMS, the leading foundation management solution, for the ultimate level of convenience and efficiency. Currently, DonorCentral supports more than 50,000 donors/advisors, and to date nearly $7 billion in grant suggestions have been made with the solution.

This release, along with several prior updates that began with DonorCentral 3.0, brings full circle a year-long effort to enhance the donor experience within the portal. DonorCentral now offers significantly more intuitive site navigation, making it easier for donors to view key information at a glance. Donors can also define their areas of interest, which makes it considerably easier for foundations to deliver interest-driven content and funding opportunities directly to their donors.

Donor-advised funds - charitable giving vehicles that allow donors to recommend distributions to organizations of their choice - are growing in popularity, as they provide an attractive way for donors to carry out their charitable interests. There is a great deal of competition for these funds, and many community foundations are placing an increased emphasis on services and promoting their brand. With improved flexibility and administrative controls in DonorCentral, foundations are able to more closely align their donor portal branding with their organization's branding, which helps strengthen the foundation's overall brand recognition.

"Delivering an exceptional experience and value-added donor services are essential to the growth of many community foundations, and DonorCentral helps our clients achieve those goals," says MicroEdge CEO, Preston McKenzie. "To date, our clients have processed over 800,000 grant recommendations with DonorCentral, making it one of the most widely used online donor portals on the market. We're extremely pleased to bring these valuable updates to our client base, and committed to the continued advancement of this important platform."


All current DonorCentral clients will be notified about their update schedule. Organizations that are not currently using DonorCentral but are interested in learning more can visit www.microedge.com/donorcentral.

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