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  • Herein are Wednesday's biggest winners and losers; find out why shares of Trina Solar popped while American Greetings dropped.

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    Valentine's day is less than one week away.  While historically, the U.S. major indexes have not shown much love on Valentine's Day nor the week after, there are stocks that may benefit on this day of friendship and love...

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    The Discover Card’s Fourth Annual Valentine’s Day Shopping Survey reveals the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.  Here are some companies that you may love this Valentine's Day...

  • Stocks rallied to the finish line as investors shrugged off a drop in consumer confidence and cheered the bailout of General Motors' finance arm.

  • Q: On Fast Money’s trader radar we look at the stock that was lighting up screens across Wall Street. This greeting card company, founded in the early 1900s, flourished during the Great Depression as inexpensive cards were often given instead of gifts. These days the company is taking its greetings online, recently acquiring Photoworks and Webshots Internet photo sites. But the company should have stuck to the model that worked during the century’s worst recession, as losses from its Internet units pushed the shares lower. Who is it?

  • Stocks ended lower Tuesday, as a quick mood booster from an upbeat consumer sentiment reading wore off, and the drag of GM and financials set in.

  • Melissa Lee sits in for Maria Bartiromo, discussing Thursday's top business and financial stories -- and looking ahead to Friday's events.

  • Q: On Fast Money’s trader radar we look at the stock that was lighting up screens across Wall Street. Whether it’s to say “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” a tiding for any occasion can be found at the second largest greeting card company, after Hallmark. Today investors needed a “Get Well Soon” note after the company reported a 50% decline in profits this past quarter. Who is it?

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    Valentine's Day  is now the third largest holiday for retailers, partly because the practice of giving gifts has been expanded to almost everyone from friends to coworkers to pets.

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    Part III in a series - Even more companies that you may love this Valentine's Day...

  • Good morning. There's a new name on top of the contest leaderboard. Serge Amelyan makes a big move from 7th place to the top spot ahead of Parker Robinson--but by only $28K. They are both banking on Linear Tech, their only holding, although Parker is only holding 20,000 shares and remains mostly in cash while Serge is all-in with 89,712 shares.

  • Parker Robinson loses the top spot for the first time since April 5th, falling to second place, and James Kraber is out of the overall leaderboard since he was declared the 6th Weekly Winner! (see earlier post) So--there is a new leader--Kevin Ghasemian Hosein. He and Parker Robinson are both maintaining more than half of their total holdings in cash.