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  • The recent market rally took many traders off-guard, but Scott Redler, Chief Strategic Officer at T3live.com, said investors can still prepare for the fourth-quarter move where he predicts the Dow will reach 10,300 by year-end.

  • I like Julia Roberts. I also like Clive Owen. I didn't like their movie "Duplicity." I couldn't follow the whole thing and I figured why should I bother to spend $11 on a movie ticket when I can turn on the news and watch the real thing come out of Washington on a daily basis.

  • This bank stock holds tremendous upside potential, Cramer says. Much like its predecessor, which did generate that big of a profit for investors.

  • For the past two months, the market has seen week after week of gains. Cramer thinks we still go higher.

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    Both the S&P and Dow rose on Friday as stress test results and reassuring jobs data fueled hopes the worst is over for banks and the economy.

  • Strategists Dean Curnutt, president of Macro Risk Advisors and Daniel Frishberg, chief investment strategist at Laffer Frishberg, said they are weary of the financial stocks.

  • Wall Street breathed a sigh of relief after Thursday's stress-test results, but didn't dispel the uncertainty over some of the most troubled financial giants. The stress tests—a key Obama administration effort to boost confidence in the financial system—showed nine of the 19 biggest banks have enough capital to withstand a deeper recession. Read and hear what the experts had to say... (Updated)

  • A turn is happening in this once-troubled group, Cramer says. This is how you play it.

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    In the world of banking, too-big-to-fail may be in the process of morphing into too-big-to-exist. 

  • Are solid catalysts propelling the market's charge higher, or are we facing a bad case of irrational exuberance?

  • Jobs and financials each gave investors cause for relief — and continued questions. Art Cashin, UBS Financial Services director of floor operations, offered CNBC his insights on the bank stress tests, the economy and the stock market.

  • Futures are off their highs, even as nonfarm payrolls losses were not as bad as expected at minus 539,000, better than the 600,000 losses expected and the smallest losses since October. March was revised lower to a loss of 699,000 versus 663,000 previously reported.

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    Bank of America will be able to raise the capital required to meet government stress tests levels within a few months, company CEO Ken Lewis said Friday.

  • The latest overall job loss numbers showed a loss of 539,000 jobs in March and the unemployment rate climbed to 8.9%.  The March numbers were revised to a loss of 699,000.  Here is a breakdown of where the job losses were as well as which sectors were adding jobs.

  • Banking stocks looked set to continue their sharp jump higher at the open Thursday as investors wait for the official results of the government’s stress test.

  • Has government involvement in the financial sector been beneficial to the largest U.S. banks? After the completion of the government’s bank stress tests, results showed that 10 out of the nation’s 19 largest banks need to raise ~$75 billion in capital to become more solvent.

  • One of America's 'most stressed' banks, Bank of America, is likely to fail in its ambition to operate as a conglomerate, Bill Smith, president, CEO and senior portfolio manager at SAM Advisors, told CNBC Friday after the government's stress tests showed the bank needs to raise an additional $33.9 billion in capital.

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    While few expect banks to lead the market, reaction to the stress test results could signal where stocks are headed next.

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    At long last the official results of the bank stress tests are out. Should you buy the news, short the losers or head to the sidelines?

  • graphic_word_ofthe_street.jpg

    At long last the official results of the bank stress tests are out. Should you buy the news, short the losers or head to the sidelines?