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  • Earlier this month, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick tweeted: "Check these prizes from the McDonald's monopoly game," and included a link. Next to the tweet it said "spon," which I assume meant sponsored. So I called up McDonald's and asked them if they were now sponsoring Michael Vick.

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    It used to be that flowers were a bell-weather for the global “mood.” When people were upset, they’d buy flowers. When people were happy, they’d buy flowers. Whether cheerful sunflowers or somber roses, it would seem that flowers would be recession-proof.

  • Herein is the "Fast Money" traders expectations and trades to start the week.

  • Herein are Thursday's biggest winners and losers. Find out why shares of Children's Place popped while China Mobile dropped.

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    Valentine's day is less than one week away.  While historically, the U.S. major indexes have not shown much love on Valentine's Day nor the week after, there are stocks that may benefit on this day of friendship and love...

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    I guess if they truly love you, they will understand. With consumers continuing to be wary of spending, it should come as no surprise that couples are saying they plan to spend less on each other this Valentine's Day. Two surveys look at expectations for this year's holiday, and come up with some different conclusions.

  • Liberty Media was up more than 5 percent yesterday with bullish options activity ahead of its earnings results today.

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    Poor Mom! First, she cut back spending on things for herself, and now, the kids are cutting corners when it comes to her big day. With consumers spending less on Mom, flower brands are spending more to promote their products. Will it come up roses in the end?

  • So, you forgot to buy flowers for Valentine’s Day. Nice going, slick. Well, lucky for you there’s a recession going on, which is offering a convenient excuse for getting out of just about anything from marriage proposals to being cheap on Valentine’s Day.

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    The Discover Card’s Fourth Annual Valentine’s Day Shopping Survey reveals the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.  Here are some companies that you may love this Valentine's Day...

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    If you're an avid online shopper, your email inbox is likely stuffed with discount offers as online retailers gear up for what will likely be the busiest shopping day of the holiday season.

  • Following are Thursday's biggest winners and losers. Even with today's rough market, there were a number of pops, such as an internet florist, a Canadian fast food chain and a certain star athlete making the move to the Big Apple.

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    High gasoline prices are making life especially tough for delivery-driven businesses, but the floral gift industry at least is finding a little more cooperation  can be part of the solution.

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    Our surprise guest gives “flower power” and whole new meaning. He’s a CEO who started his own company and always appears in its commercials. Who is it?

  • Valentine's Day got a little heated for some Retail Detail readers. I posted my interview with FTD's CEO right here yesterday for all of you to get a little insight into what goes on during one of the busiest days of the year in the floral industry. My friends on "Squawk Box: interviewed the CEO of 1-800-Flowers (FLWS) yesterday morning as well.

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    Over a million bouquets of flowers will be delivered today by FTD. After all, Valentine's day is to flower and jewelry companies what the Super Bowl is to TV retailers. Competitor 1-800-flowers and other delivery services including Harry & David are highly affected not only by a consumer cutting back on spending but also by the weather.

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    Valentine's Day  is now the third largest holiday for retailers, partly because the practice of giving gifts has been expanded to almost everyone from friends to coworkers to pets.

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    The Discover Card’s Third Annual Valentine’s Day Shopping Survey reveals the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.  Here are some companies that you may love this Valentine's Day...

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    Partly because of the deteriorating economy, more companies than usual are participating in the annual blizzard of holiday promotions, but skeptics still warn about advertising overkill and the risks of marginal or tacky campaigns.

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    The guys go behind the headlines and give you their take on... where they see construction picking up ... why shares of video game makers are falling... and more. Find out where they're making fast money.