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  • The Dow dropped over 200 points Tuesday, its worst loss in months, after the debt ratings on Greece and Portugal were downgraded.  Goldman Sachs ended higher. The VIX jumped more than 30 percent, it's biggest one-day surge since October 2008.

  • Goldman Sachs Hearing on Capitol Hill

    Goldman Sachs executives tried to fend off accusations they inflated the housing bubble, sold clients "sh**ty" deals and made billions off the market's collapse, in a high stakes Senate hearing.

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    While Washington has developed a laser-like focus on Wall Street, the investment capital of the world has not seemed to return the favor.

  • Goldman Sachs Hearing on Capitol Hill

    Watching the Senate hearings on Goldman Sachs is both educational and entertaining. I call it a "rumble" for rich white guys.

  • The point was made, yet again, that the lack of regulation played a pivotal role to the bad actions in this and other markets.

  • Will Fortune 500 companies continue to do business with the Wall Street giant?

  • Watching the Goldman Sachs hearing, one Senator recited the phrase "sh**ty deal" so many times, you had to wonder — s it taking place in the Senate or South Park?!

  • The Senate hearings start off with tough questioning about what Wall Street owes its clients.

  • Failed companies such as AIG and Lehman Brothers should be in the crosshairs of a Securities and Exchange Commission probe, not Goldman Sachs, a leading hedge fund manager told CNBC Tuesday.

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    With all eyes trained on the financial-regulation bill and the Goldman Sachs hearings, I’d like to keep hope alive by focusing attention on the V-shaped recovery.

  • As the financial giant defends itself against the SEC civil suit, does the firm have a responsibility to admit any wrong doing, whether legal or illegal?

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    Step back for a moment and imagine that your company is in Goldman's position right now: Universally reviled; Accused of betting against not only its own customers but the entire economic wellbeing of the country; At the center of an international political storm (one example: the bank has become a talking point in the UK general election); So unpopular that you can't find political support even among the most pro-business members of the opposition.

  • Stocks pared their losses Tuesday after a report showed consumer confidence rose to its highest level since September 2008.

  • As Goldman Sachs faced investigation and Democrats and Republicans battle over financial regulation in the house it appears hedge funds are thriving despite the threat of more stringent rules.

  • The Parthenon in Greece

    The bailout of Greece has stirred ferocious debate and fallout in Germany, which has an election shortly.

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    Goldman Sachs did not commit fraud and the insurance company that bought the product that is the subject of a government investigation should have known the risks, Bill Ackman told CNBC Tuesday

  • U.S. stock index futures edged lower ahead of the open Tuesday as the Federal Reserve prepared to start its two-day policy meeting and Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein is scheduled to appear before Congress.

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    The CEO of Goldman Sachs and other executives from the Wall Street powerhouse are coming before Congress 10 days after the government accused the firm of fraud.

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    The spectacle of Goldman Sachs executives being grilled before a Senate committee—and the potential bite of regulatory reform—could keep pressure on financial stocks.

  • Wall Street is bracing for Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein's testimony on Tuesday in which he will respond to fraud charges brought by the SEC.