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  • The chief investment officer of California's giant pension fund said Monday he is disturbed by the allegations of wrongdoing against investment firm Goldman Sachs.

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    When the bears are right, it could sometimes mean a great opportunity for the bulls. This seems to be the case for Goldman bulls, at least according to technical analysis.

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    AIG is considering pursuing Goldman Sachs over losses incurred from insurance deals on mortgage-backed securities similar to the one that led to fraud charges against the U.S. bank, the Financial Times reported.

  • Cramer explains why the wrong stocks are rallying, but it's still OK.

  • As the SEC's fraud accusation against Goldman Sachs unfolds, some investors are more confused than ever. But Kelly Campbell, chief investment officer of fixed income at Campbell Wealth Management and Jeff Hussey of Russell Investment Group still see "great things" in the current market—if you shop carefully.

  • No matter what happens with the securities-fraud case against Goldman Sachs , the firm needs to concentrate on shoring up its tarnished image, two experts told CNBC.

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    Goldman Sachs' stock remains a good buy in part because the government's fraud case against the Wall Street titan is shaky, analyst Dick Bove told CNBC.

  • Tuesday’s market action will likely be dominated by IBM earnings reported Monday, and Goldman results coming Tuesday. What must you know?

  • The Dow pulled off a gain Monday as Goldman Sachs shares finished higher following news that the SEC vote to sue was close — raising doubt that the charges will stick. Citigroup jumped 7 percent after blowing past earnings forecasts.

  • Word that the SEC vote to sue Goldman Sachs was 3-2, right along party lines (first reported by Bloomberg), came out a bit after 2pm ET and helped lift Goldman and the overall market.

  • Is the deck stacked against small investors? Following the SEC's fraud charges against Goldman Sachs, more individual players seem to think so. Paul Schatz, president and chief investment officer of Heritage Capital, and Jason Pride, director of investment strategy at Glenmede, share their insights with CNBC.

  • The mortgage-securities deal that led to fraud charges against Goldman Sachs was a one-time transaction, and John Paulson's hedge fund actually had a limited role in selecting the securities for the failed $1 billion deal, according to a former Paulson lieutenant.

  • What follows is a look at stocks in the S&P 500 displaying unusual volume in today's trading session.

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    The sell-off in oil has intensified as much of Europe is still paralyzed by air travel disruptions caused the the volcanic ash cloud hovering above parts of the continent.

  • CNBC's Maria Bartiromo has obtained a Goldman Sachs memo sent to clients last night and today, responding to Friday's SEC's fraud charges.

  • Just in time for Goldman's CDO case, the creators of the raunchy puppet Broadway hit "Avenue Q" offer an explanation of what a CDO is — and how you get rich off of it!

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    While Goldman Sachs will survive the securities fraud allegations,  the case could change Wall Street forever, analysts say.

  • With Goldman dragging down the market broadly should you start cherry-picking? Or are there just too many unknowns?

  • “You’ve gotta ask yourself whether this Goldman probe is the exogenous event that triggers a correction," says Guy Adami. “Sometimes that’s how these selloffs begin!”