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  • Nothing beats a healthy competition and pitting one company against another could bring healthy returns!

  • William Galvin, Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, subpoenaed Goldman Sachs to investigate claims that the investment bank was giving preferential treatment to wealthier customers, he told CNBC in a live interview Wednesday.

  • There is a pattern to recessions. Aggregate demand declines, employment falls, production slows, and the economy contracts.  Central bankers, focused on price stability and maximum employment, add liquidity (credit) to the system to counter the decline and stimulate growth.  Risky assets whose very survival may have been questioned at the economic nadir, rebound with remarkable flourish as their near-death experience becomes a distant memory.

  • Stocks touched 2009 highs while oil made an intra-day reversal. Are these signs the market has topped out?

  • Bank of America has significant upside over the next 12 months, said Edward Najarian, senior managing director and head of bank research at Isi Group.

  • Is Tuesday's rally a bet on fundamental growth or a case of panic buying?

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    The rally on Wall Street began to fade Monday, with the S&P and Nasdaq turning negative, after a global rally that had spilled over into U.S. trading this morning. Read and listen to what the pros had to say...

  • Many consider Goldman Sachs the gold-standard of the Street. Could recent headlines forever tarnish the firm's sparkling reputation?

  • On Monday investors clearly decided it was time to take a breather after a sharp gain in Treasury debt prices drove benchmark yields lower and triggered a sell-off.

  • Richard Bove, financial strategist at Rochdale Securities, said he expects 150 to 200 more U.S. banks to fail in the current banking crisis. (What banks does he like? Read story for his stock recommendations.)

  • Natural gas prices have been plummeting over the past few weeks to a 7-year low while oil is climbing to 2009 highs. Addison Armstrong, director of market research at Tradition Energy, and Peter Beutel, president of Cameron Hanover, discussed their outlooks.

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    Flying home to New Jersey from Chicago after the first two days at his new job, Sergey Aleynikov was prepared for the usual inconveniences: a bumpy ride, a late arrival. He was not expecting Special Agent Michael G. McSwain of the F.B.I.

  • Markets have been on a rise for the last four trading sessions, but will the trend continue? And where should investors be looking? Phil Orlando, chief equity market strategist at Federated Investors, and Les Satlow, portfolio manager at Cabot Money Management, discussed their market outlooks.

  • CNBC’s Charlie Gasparino says Goldman executives are mulling a share buy back instead of giving bonuses. Wait, what kind of a bonus is that?

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    The rich have been getting richer for so long that the trend has come to seem almost permanent, the New York Times reported.

  • First off, I thought I would share a little good news with you all.  Farr, Miller & Washington, LLC ranked in the top 1% of all large-cap growth managers over the trailing 12-month period ended June 30, 2009, according to PSN Enterprises Database of large-cap managers.  We are very proud to have achieved these investment results for our clients, and we are always looking for more clients to add to our ever-increasing rolls. 

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    Though sales of existing homes appear to be bouncing back— as cheap foreclosure properties attract buyers—the market for new homes is stuck below sea level.

  • There’s a lot of risk that comes with Citigroup right now, said David Trone, securities industry analyst at Fox-Pitt, Kelton.

  • With bank and tech shares climbing, how should you position to profit from this tape?

  • JPMorgan Chase asked the UK banking regulator to examine a pay deal offered by Barclays to lure one of JPMorgan's star proprietary traders to its own investment banking arm, Barclays Capital, the Financial Times reported Monday.