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  • Google Plus

    Microsoft and several other firms have complained to EU antitrust regulators about Google's social networking tool, two people familiar with the matter said, in a move that may prompt the EU to broaden its ongoing investigation into Google.

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  • NYSE trader

    Only 10 percent of hedge funds have outperformed the Standard & Poor’s 500, with the typical hedge fund up only 3 percent for the year to date, Goldman Sachs chief equity strategist David Kostin told CNBC.

  • Apple Store

    Apple, the largest company in the world, has become such a big portion of the stock market and such a large core holding of hedge funds that the fate of the revolutionary technology company and the future of U.S. equities are inextricably linked.

  • Google Apps

    Microsoft rips Google Apps apart in a parody video Microsoft posted on YouTube earlier this week.

  • laptop_money_200.jpg

    Everyone loves triumph in the face of adversity (as evidenced by the "Lin-sanity" currently gripping the nation) so it's hardly surprising that investors are enjoying the tech sector's rebound after a moribund 2011.

  • Box office

    It seems that the end of obsolescence is back for more blood. This time its unwary victim is the film industry.

  • Microsoft Sign

    As Microsoft shares hit a 4.5-year high, one analyst thinks the stock has room to close its performance gap with rival Apple, depending on the success of its upcoming Windows 8 launch.

  • Pretzel Crisps

    Brand experts and trademark lawyers say the value of simple, easily understood brand names has escalated in the Internet era because consumers are more likely to find such products while doing searches on the Web.

  • As Microsoft shares hit a 4.5-year high, one analyst thinks the stock has room to close its performance gap with rival Apple, depending on the success of its upcoming Windows 8 launch.

  • Close up of someone typing on a laptop.

    Cloud computing services make it easier for companies to share, update and access files, both internally and externally. And small businesses are driving the move to the cloud.

  • Renaissance of Old Tech Stocks?

    Microsoft hit a fresh four-year high yesterday as shares of Dell closed at a 3.5-year high. Both companies have surged over 20 percent in 2012, so is old tech the new trade?

  • Shares of Microsoft Hitting Highs

    Microsoft is powering ahead of a number of new product launches including Windows 8, with Walter Pritchard, Citi director/software analyst.

  • business-woman-stairs-200.jpg

    Many believe that small business rides the nation's hope for lower unemployment and faster economic growth. But the work of several economists suggests that most small businesses are not particularly adept at creating jobs, at least not the best jobs, and their role in generating national wealth has been exaggerated.

  • Microsoft stock rallied Thursday to set a new 52-week high, but should you chase it?

  • Microsoft

    Shares of Microsoft climbed 4 percent Thursday, nearing a 2-year high, as its recent rally accelerated.

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    Check out some of the billionaires from all over the world who have added a major sports team or two to their portfolios.

  • Microsoft Shares Hit 4- Year High

    The Fast Money crew with the trade on Microsoft's momentum, and Adam Holt, Morgan Stanley, provides analysis on upward pressure on Microsoft, as index funds and ETFs increase the percentage of holdings in the tech giant.

  • Stocks ended near session highs Thursday, with the Dow and Nasdaq logging multi-year highs, fueled by robust economic news and as the euro rebounded against the dollar following reports the euro zone central banks agreed to exchange their existing Greek bonds for new ones.

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