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  • HOUSTON-- Robbins& Myers Inc. still intends to close a $2.5 billion sale of the company to National Oilwell Varco Inc. by the end of the year, despite additional regulatory review of the deal.

  • Chief Financial Officer Clay Williams characterized it as North America playing defense, while the rest of the world played offense. He said the company was building out facilities in Brazil, while selling more well stimulation equipment into the Middle East, China and Russia.

  • HOUSTON-- Robbins& Myers saw its net income fall 9 percent in the fourth quarter, partly due to the costs from its $2.5 billion sale to National Oilwell Varco. Analysts expected Robbins& Myers to report net income of 98 cents per share and $276.2 million in revenue.

  • Oct 9- Robbins& Myers Inc:. *Robbins& Myers and National Oilwell Varco receive second request under. *Robbins& Myers- go request for additional information and documents from the U.S.

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    Take a look at some of Tuesday's midday movers:

  • New York Stock Exchange

    Third-quarter earnings season begins in earnest when Alcoa reports results on Oct. 11. For those looking to get a head start on trading earnings, several big names report results this week, including Costco, Yum Brands, Marriot International and Constellation Brands.

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  • It's a small company, but the growth potential is very big.

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    Hey folks. We have Scott Cole's interview from our Monday Web cast of "How To Win." Scott was our weekly winner #5. The point he made that we found most interesting, was that he picked one of his winning stocks, Global Imaging .. because it was "under the radar."

  • Hey folks. Weekly winner #5 Scott Cole will be on CNBC.com for our web cast at 12 noon EST TODAY. Be sure and watch. Go to our home page and launch the video player to see and hear Scott. This is ONLY on CNBC.com.  Also--here's a breakdown of Scott's trading that put him in as a weekly winner.

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    As we said, Scott Cole is our weekly winner #5 and I just got off the phone with him.  Scott says "it's wonderful to be a winner and surprising" at the same time. He says he didn't see his name on the weekly leaderboard and didn't figure he'd be the top gun for the week--but he is.

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    Hey folks. We have a winner--for week #5. It's Scott Cole from Redwood City, California. Here's the breakdown on Scott. He's an an investment fund manager. He trades for both business and pleasure. His strategy was to focus on companies that had upcoming earnings and low market caps. If he wins the $1,000,000, the first thing he'll do is set up college savings accounts for his children. RBN, Robbins & Myers, was the stock he picked that surprised him.

  • Folks--here's a sector breakdown from our crack analystical team on what's happening with the stocks you contestants are buying. And there's been a "sea change"  for sure. The analyses run through 3/28, found that over 50% of the leaders' trades occurred in retail and technology. But the current analysis--run from 3/29 - 4/10, shows that the contest leaders are now much more diversified with the top group only comprising 8.07%.

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    Hi everyone. Timothy Sykes is back with a blog post and a couple of specific stock picks for the contest. (reminder--this is ONLY for the contest, not your personal portfolio.). This is time sensitive if the stocks interest you. Timothy's got a pretty good track record!! Here's his post:

  • Good morning on this Good Friday. We'll have just a few posts today but let's start with a new number one on the leaderboard. Deborah Taft is dethroned after her 11-day run at the top. Deborah's inactivity cost her as Parker Robinson's gamble on Immucor earnings catapulted him into 1st place. Parker gains the 1st spot with a total portfolio value of $2,790,103.27 after gaining $233,633.48 on the sale of Immucor which was up 9.15% Thursday on strong earnings.

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    Hey everyone, we have another guest blogger. He's Timothy Sykes, and like Jeff Mishlove and James Altucher, he's a regular on the contest program "How To Win." All three are going to be giving their insights and more as we move along. These are good companion pieces to what they say on "How To Win." It's a pleasure to have all three.  So, here's Timothy:

  • Wow--a big move and an exciting day for the celebrities in "Trading With The Stars." In a big upset--really big--actor Willie Garson propels himself from last place to take the top spot on a HUGE gain with his trade on Robbins & Myers. All our celebs showed gains in their portfolio except for Ernie Hudson who lost out on AgioDynamics which he held a day too long, erasing his earlier gains and dropping him into last place..

  • Here's our look at the stocks making the most "noise" with traders. There's a new name on the most actives--as you will see below. And Freemont General seems to have run its course, and takes a top spot in the worst performing list--while still showing up in the most active list as well as the most widely held.