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  • The Mad Money host can’t understand why people are sitting out this generational bull market.

  • Dividends: the tide has turned; more increases are coming. February is traditionally the month with the largest number of dividend increases, and it did not disappoint. Forty-seven companies increased their dividend last month (nearly 10 percent of the S&P 500). That is the best in two years and about twice the average of the last seven years...

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    Politicians want to keep borrowers in the homes because that's the compassionate thing to do. The big bad banks just want to cut their losses right? Well, maybe not.

  • If you can't beat 'em, buy 'em. With stocks relatively cheap, many companies are looking to acquisitions to jazz their stock price. Also Options Action w/ Mike Khouw

  • Warren Buffett told CNBC Monday that Berkshire Hathaway's businesses are "getting better," albeit at a "very, very slow pace." Two market strategists offered their takes on Berkshire as an investment itself: Larry Coats Jr., president, chief executive and senior portfolio manager at Oak Value Capital Managment, and Vahan Janjigian, chief investment strategist at Forbes.

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    Is longtime Warren Buffett partner Charlie Munger too pessimistic? This is part eight of the transcript and video of Warren Buffett's 'Ask Warren' appearance on CNBC's Squawk Box on Monday, March 1, 2010. 

  • 5 stocks have emerged as hedge fund favorites. Shouldn't they be on your radar, too?

  • Hedge Funds are taking off risk and preparing for a long stock-picking slog this year, according to a Goldman Sachs report which gives one of the clearest inside looks into the secretive industry.

  • Stocks eked out a gain Friday, with the Dow ending above 10,400, as the initial shock of the Fed's surprise move to raise the discount rate wore off.

  • These are the companies to watch today, he says.

  • Stocks rose for second day Wednesday as a Deere earnings beat and a rebound in housing starts helped renew investor optimism about the recovery. Consumer stocks were among the best performers; energy, the weakest.

  • One year ago, President Barack Obama signed the $787 billion stimulus bill. Has the bill helped the US economy and if so, how? Bill Smead, CEO and CIO of Smead Capital Management, shared his insights.

  • Stocks opened higher Wednesday after Deere blew past earnings expectations and a report showed a rebound in housing starts.

  • Wall Street looks set to extend the previous session's gains Wednesday, with stock index futures pointing to a modest rise.

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    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway dramatically cut its stakes last fall in two of the nation's biggest oil companies. It also significantly reduced its holdings of Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.

  • With the Senate another step closer to a Wall Street crackdown, how should you trade banks?

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    The list of the biggest earners in finance usually reads like a Who’s Who of Wall Street. But these days, it reads more like a Who’s That? The New York Times explains.

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    With criminals growing increasingly sophisticated and organized, identity fraud is once again on the rise, according to a survey released by Javelin Strategy & Research.

  • The great unwind in financials continues. It's a strange day for traders in financials, but look beneath the surface and it definitely looks like traders are unwinding positions...both long and short positions.

  • Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein

    Once again, a bonus at Goldman Sachs has all of Wall Street talking — only this time, over how small it is.