Welcome to Tech Check

Twenty years of covering technology and I'm finally practicing what I preach: Welcome to my first, and hopefully long lasting, blog. So much of what I do tends to be very scripted, very produced. I hope this blog offers some of the more unscripted, behind-the-scenes perspectives that happen to my crew and I every day. Many times there simply isn't enough time in the day to cover all the news that comes out of the Silicon Valley. This will be my opportunity to share more of what I see, what I hear, what I learn, and what I'm thinking.

So much of our coverage is about Google, Apple, HP, Intel. But there are hundreds of companies doing fascinating things that don't make it on air. There are great personalities and executives and thinkers and innovators and entrepreneurs that I get to talk to, but only tiny snippets of our interviews make it to air. I hope to round out our coverage and give you a better idea of who these people are by getting more of their comments out in public. To me, that's the power of this blog.

Many people ask where I get my info; how I break news. I talk to so many people. I work the phones. I chat. I text. I'm a slave to the Blackberry. But I also read everything: the San Jose Mercury News, Newsweek, the Gilroy Dispatch, News.com, MarketWatch.com, TheStreet.com, Topix.com, Yahoo finance. Those are some sites I recommend. And hopefully, after a short period, some of you who have your favorite, informative sites will add CNBC.com to your list. And maybe some of you will add the site, in part, because of my blog. High hopes for my little slice of the online pie.

I look forward to meeting you here. Thanks for dropping by.

Questions? Comments? TechCheck@cnbc.com