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Welcome everyone! This is the home of the Power & Money blog, where we will focus on the latest issues in the worlds of hedge funds and private equity.

Whether you are an accredited, high-net worth individual or an average investor, these areas of alternative investments impact everyone's portfolio. Hedge funds and private equity have each broken records this year, in terms of assets. And they have become a standard part of the diversified portfolios of individuals, pension funds and endowments.

We hope you can check out our coverage on CNBC, or here on CNBC.com, where you will be able to find clips of what we have reported on TV, in addition to discussion of issues and insights that ended up on the cutting room floor.

Next week, tune in for our coverage of the Alternative Investing Summit in beautiful Laguna Niguel, CA. State, university and public company pension fund managers from across the country will be there, to soak up some rays and discuss how they are investing in hedge funds, private equity and hard assets like gold. It should be an interesting conference, considering some of the big losses some pensions have suffered because of the Amaranth blowup.

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