Welcome to Behind the Wheel

Welcome to Behind the Wheel. The place to get the story on the newest models hitting the street, as well as the latest trends and people influencing what we drive and what turns our head in showrooms. Those showrooms are more packed than ever before with new models. This year, a record 65 brand new models are hitting the street ... more than one new model every week.

From the Ford Edge with a vista view sunroof to Toyota's retro styled FJ Cruiser to the pint- sized but red-hot selling NissanVersa, the new models are rolling out with more content (navigation systems, smart airbags etc) and better performance. Speaking of performance, here at Behind the Wheel we will show you some of the most exciting new rides from around the World. The Bugatti Veyron with a top top speed of 253 MPH blew us away when we visited the Bugatti plant in the south of France. So did the Venturi Fetish. It's an electric sports car with the look of Speed Racer's Mach 5.

These are the types of stories we'll have every day here at Behind the Wheel. And who knows, if you read Behind the Wheel long enough, you'll find out what I drove for my first car (hint: I bought for 800 bucks and a case of beer while in college).