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Good morning. We have a busy day ahead. Some of the stories we're covering include Eli Lilly CEO and Chairman Sidney Taurel on a "First on CNBC" interview. Lilly is giving an upbeat report at its annual analysts meeting today--with the company's research and development efforts fueling a strong pipeline of medicines.

We're also looking at the issue of regulating TV ads for kids--that's on "Power Lunch" with guest Susan Linn from the Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood.

And we are following the debate on Capitol Hill over stents--they are the small devices implanted to help stop heart attacks. The debate focuses on drug coated stents versus the metal ones. There are safety concerns over the drug coated ones.

We'll look in-depth at the latest U.S. jobless numbers. They are expected to drop from last week. And we'll look at insider buying and selling on "Power Lunch."

Now our quote of the day. It comes from author (and not so great businessman) Mark Twain: "I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one."