WSJ's Mossberg: New Software Stops Printing Waste


Most of us have done this--tried to print from the internet only to find 6 pages on the printer, 2 with your article and 4 mostly empty pages of side bar ads and copyright text that you definitely don't need.

Besides wasting time--it wastes paper and in the corporate setting that's--a lot of trees.
Now--a new company in Portland Oregon, called GreenPrint--promises to eliminate that waste.

Walt Mossberg, Personal Technology Columnist for The Wall Street Journal wrote about it in today's paper and spoke with Bill Griffeth on CNBC’s “Power Lunch.

Mossberg said the company was started by a couple of guys who are 'refugees' from Ford . They created a little piece of software that goes between your web browser and your printer. When you print, the software looks at the document - particularly if you're printing from a Web site- and automatically figures out if there’s going to be page there you don't need—and eliminates it.

It’s a versatile product. Mossberg says you can tell the software how many lines you want it to consider a wasted page. You can cut out images, or pages in the middle if they're not relevant. And it can save anything as a PDF file – so you might not have to print it at all.

One glitch – Mossberg experienced some compatibility issues with the printer and the software crashed--a problem the company claims they have now fixed.

GreenPrint costs $25 - and has a feature which tells you how much you’ve saved in paper and ink by using the product.