Technology Stocks: Still Worth The Investment?

A lot of investors are betting big on tech right now. But are they making a big mistake?

On today’s “Street Signs” Erin Burnett spoke with Andrew Bartels, VP of Research for Forrester. He's out with a new report saying growth in IT spending will likely slow down.

She also spoke with Brendan Barnicle a Senior Technology Analyst at Pacific Crest Securities who expects areas of the tech sector to grow, especially those related to online video.

Bartels expects to see a slowdown in growth spending to just 5% next year--not like the 8% this year. He sees weakness across many sectors -- including computer equipment and software. However--it's communications equipment which he says will take the biggest dip -- going from 9% to 3% growth.

Brendan Barnicle anticipates ups and downs every year. He recommends looking at the sectors within technology - and then, the companies within the sectors. He says technology is a maturing market - so it's a stock picker's market.

He likes Cisco reasoning that some of the M&A and regulatory issues will get wrapped up in Europe and he sees a move toward IP based networking - more video over networks.