Enron's Skilling Prison Check-In Date Delayed

Former Enron president Jeffrey Skilling's prison check in has been temporarily delayed by a federal appellate court, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Mr. Skilling was supposed to report to a federal prison in Minnesota Tuesday but lead criminal defense attorney Daniel Petrocelli said the Fifth Circuit court of appeals has delayed the scheduled report date as it was considering his motion for bail, pending an appeal of his conviction earlier this year on 19 criminal counts.

“We are heartened that the court of appeal is taking the time necessary to decide this important motion," Mr. Petrocelli was quoted as saying.

As reported, Mr. Skilling received a more than 24-year prison sentence in connection with that fraud and conspiracy conviction in a Houston federal court. The case arose out of Enron's collapse into bankruptcy in December 2001.

Mr. Skilling has consistently maintained his innocence and granting bail would allow him to stay out of prison pending his appeal, which could take a year or more to consider.