First Look For Monday on

This coming Monday will leave us just one week to go before Christmas--but there's still plenty of shopping ahead. CNBC-TV will be covering the retail sales picture for this last gift buying week. Britt Beemer is Chairman of America's Research Group and he'll be a guest on "Squawk Box" --and give a detailed analysis of the shopping scene (and check out our Holiday Central coverage on the home page right below us).

Other topics for the day include a preview of Oracle's earnings. They're do out after the market closes on Monday. Analysts appear down on the data software maker--and expect lower growth.

Burger King CEO John Chidsey is a scheduled guest on "Morning Call." He'll be talking about the hamburger chain's plans for international growth. Also on "Morning Call" is Former Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson. He'll be answering the very serious question: are businesses prepared in the U.S. for any kind of pandemic outbreak--be it the bird flu or a biological attack?

And on Charles Blood from Brown Brothers Harriman will give his market outlook for 2007. That's streaming online at 12 noon ET.

We'll also have the breaking stories of the day and all that's happening Monday on CNBC-TV.