Want to Wii? Check Into A Hotel!

It's sooo hard to find a Wii! Last night, I heard tales of very savvy people paying WAY over ticket price -- I'm talking $750 -- for a $200 Nintendo Wii. Yes, these people are desperate for Christmas presents.

If you're interested in checking out the Wii -- or just want a particularly entertaining getaway -- Manhattan's Hotel Gansevoort has a bunch of the Wii consoles (and games) to lend to guests, for free! (The hotel is pricey, so why not throw in some Legend of Zelda?) ... Pretty cool!

Oh, and if you've been following all these "Wii injuries" -- people who get a little over enthusiastic and send the controller flying (there are plenty of black eye Wii injury shots around the web) -- then fear not. Nintendo tells me that they're offering a free "wrist strap replacement" system -- insisting there's nothing wrong with the strap -- but if overenthusiastic gamers are really getting a workout, then they can trade in for a stronger, thicker strap.

They made a fuss to clarify: not a recall -- just a free upgrade. I guess it depends on how active your couch potato gaming is... The On the Money team is having a ton of fun with their Wii -- I'll admit we're even having a Wii bowling tournament. But no CNBC Wii injuries yet...

Eragon gets a pop!

All the polls tracking how Eragon was expected to do just turned around.

At first, the fantasy dragon movie was expected to bring in just 18 million ... but now, my secret sources tell me that the expectation just bounced up to the 21 million to 23.5 million dollar range!

Breaking that $20 million dollar mark is a big deal, and Fox must be relieved...

Maybe all the fantasy fiends (teenage boys?) are coming out of the woodwork and bringing their tattered Eragon books to line up at theaters...

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