Horrendous Weekend For Brand Jordan

Dwight Howard shoe
Source: adidas
Dwight Howard shoe

Black Eye For NHL:

One of the things that makes me angry are sports team sales that never really happen. I can't believe how far some of these things get. The latest -- RIM founder Jim Balsille backing out of his deal to buy the Penguins. One of the reasons it's off is supposedly because Balsille had to promise not to move the Penguins from Pittsburgh. If this is true, then why did sale process proceed as far as it did? We knew Balsille was Canadian and his company is based in Waterloo, Ontario. And we knew that no one in their right mind would pay $175 million for an NHL team, especially with a team playing in a 46-year-old facility. Did NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and the rest of the owners think that someone would pay that price for a team that couldn't move? I didn't.


Bad Ad Of The Week:

Although I'm a Mets fan, I'm actually a big supporter of New York Yankees manager Joe Torre. But his latest endorsement is not a good one. It's for Bigelow Tea. In the magazine ad I saw, it said, "Look who's drinking Bigelow Green Tea Now" and Torre is sitting there. Fine. Let's leave it at that. But at the bottom of the ad it says, "Six years ago, my nutritionist recommended I make it a regular part of my diet, so I did. I've been drinking Bigelow green tea ever since... especially during the game." Not sure about you, but I've never seen a tea bag hanging out of Torre's Gatorade cup.

Injury Clauses To Include Video Games?:

My friends over at the Sports Law Blog, have an interesting discussion going on about whether teams should add video games to contract exclusions such as motorcycle riding and other risky activities. In one of my favorite stories of the year, Detroit Tigers fireballer Joel Zumaya wasn’t out during some of the postseason because he was throwing 100 mph fastballs. Turns out he was actually playing too much of the game Guitar Hero.

Charlie Weis: Hot Signer

Earlier this year, Steiner Sports signed Notre Dame head football coach Charlie Weis to an autograph deal and it’s already been quite a run with some of the items from autograph signings selling out in hours. Weis has another signing with Steiner tomorrow and they’re taking pre-orders.


Autographed Mini Helmets -- $139 (link)

Autographed Wheaties Box -- $89 (link)

Autographed Football -- $320 (link)

Autographed “Play Like A Champion Today” poster -- $149 (link)

“Autographs of college coaches is definitely a developing market,” said Matt Lalin, the company’s executive vice president. “But the Notre Dame business is unbelievable. It’s so big I’d even compare to the Yankees.”

Lalin said Steiner will get more creative with Weis. On March 16, Steiner will host a two-hour meet and greet with Weis in New York City. It will include a cocktails and an autographed item, though the event is not yet priced.

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