Wendy's CEO Outlines Growth For '07


Wendy's International has been an innovator of the fast food business for years. It was the first to introduce salads for customers who were looking to eat healthier. It was also the first to have a drive thru for customers on-the-go. On today’s Closing Bell – Kerri Anderson, Wendy’s President & CEO explained what Wendy’s is doing to meet customer needs, today.

Maria Bartiromo: After the 3Q, the analyst at Morgan Stanley said it was a messy quarter for Wendy's with the focus on 2007 turnaround. What is on your agenda for the 1st of the year?

Kerri Anderson: I am focused on growing sales and profits at every Wendy's restaurant. That will come from great new products and excellent marketing and wonderful operations so customers leave satisfied and happy.

Maria Bartiromo: This year you launched 16 new products -- what products are you expecting to launch in '07?

Kerri Anderson: We are committed to innovation in all lines. We think there are opportunities to think about new varieties of great hamburgers. We have double melt products out - and we're thinking new salads and new Frescata sandwiches, which are deli sandwiches we launched this year.

Maria Bartiromo: What does the public want from a fast food restaurant?
Kerri Anderson: They want choice. We offer trans fat free products - we were the first in the industry to eliminate 95% of trans fats in our products.

Maria Bartiromo: How worried are you with the recent outbreak of sickness?
Kerri Anderson: Food safety is the highest priority for Wendy's and we focus on tracing our supply chain right back to the growers. We are about quality food.

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