Help Wanted: Microsoft Video Game Developers

Yesterday-- we told you about people submitting TV ad ideas for the NFL--but there's even more for the public to do. Microsoft is hoping to discover the next "American Idol" of video games -as it wades through entries in its first game developers contest. Chris Satchell is General Manager of Microsoft's Game Developer Group. He was on "Squawk Box."

Satchell says the idea is to open the game developing community to anyone and everyone--and to make them a millionaire. He says the contest begins in January '07 and the winner will be picked in April--with the winning game to be on XBox Live Arcade in 2007.

FYI: Satchell estimates that there are some 25,000 professional game developers. He says nearly 50,000 people have downloaded software to develop their games for the contest. You can get the software at places like XNA Creators Club. Good luck!