Emmitt Smith: Running For Real Estate

Emmit Smith
Emmit Smith

Emmitt Smith was a three time Super Bowl champ with the Dallas Cowboys. He was also a surprise winner on the "Dancing With The Stars" TV show. But did you know that long before he retired as a running back--he was "playing" another game--real estate.

And his mentor is Hall of Fame quarterback (and also a former Cowboy) Roger Staubach. Both were on "Power Lunch" with CNBC sports business contributor Roy Johnson.

Smith relayed how a high school football coach helped him get an interest in architecture and construction. And it was when he was thinking about retirement from the NFL that he got in touch with Staubach to discuss a post football career--and both shared their love of real estate.

Staubach told how he got into real estate during his off seasons as a player. He's now CEO of the Staubach Company. His real estate deals are primarily in office, industrial and retail. Smith has a sub-company within Staubach's--called Smith/Cypress Equities.

Smith is in plans to develop a shopping mall in Phoenix, Arizona for about $50-60 million. Smith also invested in several Walgreen Drug Stores.

Johnson asked the one burning question for Cowboy fans--will they go to the Super Bow?

Smith said--if they tighten up that defense and keep the running game going--they have a chance to make the NFL championship game. Go Cowboys! (if you're a fan)