Paid Video Downloads Are Way Behind The Eight Ball

All the studios and networks are ramping up efforts to sell their movies and tv shows online with sites like MovieLink, CinemaNow, and of course, Apple's iTunes store. But it's just not that big yet -- illegal downloads outpace legal alternatives five to one.

Eight percent of internet-using households download peer-to-peer, but just 2% of those households pay to download video files. And guess what? Most of those paying are paying for porn! Um, I mean, adult entertainment. And speaking of "adult entertainment," tune in later for my report on Playboy .

Bidding on movie star contracts ... (it's not what you think)

No, you can't buy a contract to become a movie star, otherwise every pushy stage parent would be going nuts.

20th Century Fox is auctioning off some 200 contracts signed by stars like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Marlon Brando and other greats.

It's Jan 25th, so if you're interested in buying the 1964 internal memo advising Norma Jean Dougherty to change her name, it's in NYC by the Swann Galleries. And the money goes to a charity helping former actors and other hollywood types.

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