YouTube: Some Surfers Must Be Home Buyers, Right?

In a tight real estate market – with competition among brokers becoming fiercer than ever – it is no wonder that they’re coming up with new ways of selling homes – on YouTube. Jane Wells had the story on “Morning Call.”

Realtors have begun to create their own podcasts, uploading them to YouTube, and hoping potential buyers take a look. And thanks to the real estate boom there are over 60% more realtors out there today than there were just 5 years ago – 1.3 million, says the National Association of Realtors.

Ralph Schnelle is a realtor from Tuscon, Arizona who got the idea to post his listings on YouTube after seeing his daughter browsing the wildly popular video-sharing site. Schnelle has already posted his first video-listing and has gotten 50 hits so far. He plans to eventually have all his listings on YouTube where potential buyers can view a virtual tour of each house.

But just like with in-person showings, the realtors aren’t just selling the listings – they’re also selling themselves.

A search for “real estate” on YouTube generates over 4,000 hits – a number surely to rise as more realtors take advantage of this new marketing tool.