Today on Tech Stocks, Edwards, Housing

Good morning. Our quote of the day comes from the stage and film actress Ruth Gordon (of "Harold and Maude" fame): "To be somebody you must last." The lasting memory of Gerald Ford is being honored. Funeral arrangements announced Wednesday include placing the former president's casket for repose outside the U.S. House chamber--and then placing it for repose outside the Senate chamber. A state funeral will take place Saturday evening, with services Tuesday at the National Cathedral and January 3 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He'll be buried there on the grounds of the Ford presidential library.

The markets have closed recently for presidential funerals. No word yet on when or if that might happen.

As for today on'll have the live "official" announcement of John Edwards running for president. He'll be announcing from the city of New Orleans--to emphasize what he says is the lack of progress in rebuilding the city after Hurricane Katrina.

On "Morning Call" we'll have two analysts give their tech stock recommendations for 2007. Is there any room for growth in the sector? Check us out at 11 am our time to find out.

We'll also have the latest on existing home sales in the U.S. That number comes out around 10 am local time. We'll have the experts way in on whether the housing market is rebounding. And we'll have the latest consumer confidence numbers.