Tomorrow on Gold Vs. Stocks, and HMOs

For some, stocks are the be-all and end-all of investing. For others it's gold. We'll have a lively debate on the issue during "Squawk Box" tomorrow with Greg McCoach -- he's president of The Mining Speculator (guess which side he's on) -- and Jeffrey Christian of the CPM Group.

Other scheduled topics and guests include a look at HMOs on "Morning Call." Will they grow in 2007 or not? We'll have analysts give them a checkup. Also on "Morning Call," Dow Jones Indexes editor John Prestbo give his dogs of the Dow for 2006.

We'll also continue our coverage of CEO Steve Jobs and his option troubles at Apple .Can he keep his position and will Apple get through this? We'll have the latest.

We'll also keep looking at retail sales for the end of the year. And we'll have some getaway tips on "Power Lunch" with Travel & Leisure editor Mark Orwoll -- for those needing a vacation from the holidays. All that and more tomorrow on