Analysts Like Coffee, Uranium And Silver In 2007

Quick: what do coffee, uranium and silver have in common? Answer: they’re surprising picks to watch in 2007, according to market watchers James Cordier and Sean Brodrick.

Cordier, president of Liberty Trading Group, told CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera on "Morning Call' that “it will be tough to find" a commodity that won’t rise in price in the new year. He’s bullish on energy and metals – and also pointed to soft commodities like coffee as global growers.

Broderick, senior commodities analyst at, likes gold and especially silver, explaining that the latter is a “high-use” metal. He noted that a good way to invest in the glitter is through exchange traded funds, or ETFs. He also pointed to uranium, growing in popularity as alternatives to oil are sought. He also recommends investors week “actual miners” – companies that physically remove the ores from the ground.