Super Bowl Ticket Projections, Boxing, Barkley & more

Super Bowl Ticket Projections:
I've already received emails from viewers and readers asking me how much Super Bowl tickets will be this year.

As I've learned, there's so many factors to that. One prime factor this year is location. After three tough years in Houston, Jacksonville and Detroit, this year's Miami location is key. That's why the get in price I think will be no less than $2,000.

When I talk about price, I'm talking about how much it will cost you -- at the minimum -- to get into the stadium on the day of the game. Since secondary prices fluctuate so much, its just the easiest to estimate off that target.

The main factor is of course the teams. If things fall in place for some teams, this will -- guaranteed -- be the highest priced Super Bowl ticket ever.

Seattle, New Orleans and Baltimore will help keep the price down, while Dallas, Chicago and the Jets (who still have to clinch) in the big game will mean fans will have to bring a Brinks truck to Miami.

Here are all the combinations and the projected day-of-game buy-in price on the secondary market.

These are just my educated guesses, but having followed the ticket market for the past six Super Bowls, so I don't think I'm far off here.

Patriots vs. Eagles - $2,600
Patriots vs. Cowboys - $3,200
Patriots vs. Saints - $2,100
Patriots vs. Bears - $3,350
Patriots vs. Seahawks - $2,550

Jets vs. Eagles - $3,000
Jets vs. Cowboys - $3,350
Jets vs. Saints - $2,700
Jets vs. Bears - $3,500
Jets vs. Seahawks - $2,900

Colts vs. Eagles - $2,925
Colts vs. Cowboys - $3,150
Colts vs. Saints - $2,350
Colts vs. Bears - $3,200
Colts vs. Seahawks - $2,650

Ravens vs. Eagles - $2,500
Ravens vs. Cowboys - $3,000
Ravens vs. Saints - $2,000
Ravens vs. Bears - $3,050
Ravens vs. Seahawks - $2,275

Chargers vs. Eagles - $2,850
Chargers vs. Cowboys - $3,100
Chargers vs. Saints - $2,050
Chargers vs. Bears - $3,125
Chargers vs. Seahawks - $2,580

Boxing Down, Mixed Martial Arts Up:
2007 will be remembered as the year mixed martial arts surpassed boxing in terms of sporting relevance. Tomorrow, those who are clueless about the likes of Ultimate Fighting Championship and International Fight Club will be able to witness its power.

That's because when Tito Ortiz takes on Chuck Liddell in a UFC rumble at the MGM Grand, there will be 13,700 people in attendance, generating $4.5 million in gate revenues and the New York Times reports that pay-per-view buys will exceed 1 million.

Behind Those Wins:
Very solid win by Rutgers over Kansas State in their bowl game last night. Despite an incredible season, the athletic department will still reportedly lose money and they are cutting rowing, fencing, diving, swimming and tennis.

Now Rutgers has a lot of problems -- it lost $47 million in state aid, eliminated 459 courses and axed 189 employees -- but hopefully the last two years in football success has quieted the voices who want to cut out sports all together. Chill out people, the athletic budget is less than $20 million on a school budget of $1.6 billion.

Missing Out:
Although the band has stated that their name has nothing to do with Charles Barkley, you have to wonder how much money Charles Barkley would have made if he actually got royalties from Gnarls Barkley, one of the hottest bands of 2006. The name supposedly came from band members making up fictional celebrity names, like Prince Gnarls and Bob Gnarley. I'm not saying he should do this, but I'd love to see what happened if Barkley actually sued. He'd probably make more than TNT is paying him right now as a broadcaster.

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