Gerald Ford: "Closing Chapters in U.S. History"

Funeral services for former President Gerald Ford are underway. His coffin is at the U.S. Capitol--shortly to be moved to Washington DC's National Cathedral. From there--it will be flown to Grand Rapids, Michigan for burial. CNBC's Hampton Pearson is reporting live through the day. He said that some 30,000 people have passed by the casket in the last two days.

Speakers at the final service at the National Cathedral include President George W. Bush, his father George H.W. Bush, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger ( he served under Ford) and NBC newsman Tom Brokaw--who became a friend of the Ford family. Ford's remains are expected to be flown to Michigan about 1 pm eastern time. He'll be buried on grounds at his presidential library.

On "Squawk Box" this morning, James Moore talked about Ford's legacy. Moore is a professor of international business at Georgetown University. He said Ford presiding over a period of time of "closing chapters" in American history. He cited Watergate and the Vietnam War as two examples. Moore also noted the large number of spending bills Ford vetoed while in office--with the idea of not allowing the federal budget to get out of hand.

FYI: It's been reported that Ford was the only un-elected president. He wasn't. History shows that John Tyler and Andrew Johnson were also un-elected. But Ford was the only man to be un-elected as both vice-president and president.