Where Did You Spend Time Online in 2006?

Happy 2007!

Another year -- and another search for the next holy grail of the Internet. Everyone's talking about YouTube ruling the Internet -- but it isn't as cut and dry as that.

Here are some pretty stunning numbers on the online winners.

Yahoo.com gets 24.5% of all page views -- that means about a quarter of all Internet activity is on the portal -- down 3% from three months ago. Nearly half of all of Yahoo's traffic is to its email, while 11% of Yahoo visitors want use its search function.

Tied neck and neck with Yahoo.com is MSN.com -- another 24.5% of all web page views going to Microsoft's portal -- and that's up 4% from five months ago.

And YouTube captures 7.1% of all page views -- that's no where near Yahoo or MSN, but it is up 46% from three months ago.

MySpace has just half that -- 3.5% of all web page views, but that's also up 9% from 3 months ago.

Meanwhile, eBay and Amazon seem to be sleeping -- the online bidding site capturing just 2.4% of page views, down 5% over the past five months; Amazon.com has 2% of web traffic, down 6% from three months ago.

(all these numbers from Alexa.com)

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