CNBC's "Fast Money" Kicks Off NASDAQ For '07


The Holidays might be winding down, but Wall Street has something new to celebrate. CNBC’s “Fast Money” is joining the network’s primetime schedule permanently, beginning Monday January 8th at 8 pm. Today, CNBC’s Dylan Ratigan and The Fast Money Five are ringing in the New Year – by ringing the opening bell at the NASDAQ, on this first day of 2007 trading.

This exciting and fast paced program will be coming to you week nights from the NASDAQ - the world's first electronic stock market.

And the NASDAQ is where CNBC's Mark Haines caught up with Dylan Ratigan and the Fast Money traders. (It's where they often are - smack in the middle of the madness.)

Fast Money trader, Jeff Macke offered some instant insight into today's news concerning the resignation of Home DepotCEO Bob Nardelli. In typical "Fast Money" plain-speak he said, "He was definitely a liability with this stock."

Mark Haines: "Was he forced out?"

Jeff Macke: "Oh, yeah!"

Faster than a New York minute, Dylan Ratigan and the "Fast Money Five" give you the information normally reserved for the Wall Street trading floor, enabling you to make decisions that can make you money. "Fast Money" gives you the news, as only the savviest traders can, with an angle that you won’t see until tomorrow’s papers.

If you want to stay ahead of the pack... you've got to move money, fast -- That's "Fast Money."