Update: More Exodus to Endeavor

Update: More exodus to Endeavor
My in-the-know Hollywood sources are telling me that ICM is having an all-company lunch today, as I write this. Why the concern? Guess who else is moving to Endeavor along with Robert Newman?

Renee Tab, an agent representing writers, directors and producers is also leaving ICM for Endeavor.

Who else? Matt Solo is also officially joining Endeavor as a partner, bringing David Shore (writer/producer/director), Shawn Ryan (big TV producer, the Shield, Nash Bridges, etc) ... among others with him ...

ICM's acquisition of Broder is turning out to be a huge boon for Endeavor-- inadvertently turning Endeavor into a new powerhouse.

Breaking News:
ICM Partner, Robert Newman, is leaving ICM for Endeavor. Newman was head of ICM"s motion picture division with big clients like Francis Ford Coppola, Neil LaBute, Baz Lurmann, Whit Stillman, Robert Rodriguez, and Doug Aarniokoski.

Newman is leaving ICM in the wake of the takeover of Broder (Webb Chervin Silbermann) and his joining Endeavor will really help the agency, making it a much stronger opponent to death star CAA.

Court No Longer In Session On Echostar:
Court TV went dark on Dish as of the first day of the year. Turner saying that it was unable to reach an agreement with Echostar. So, that means disgruntled Court TV fans will have to switch to DirecTV or cable if they want to keep getting those courtroom dramas.

Turner, snarkily commented that Echostar was unwilling to pay the industry rate for a popular network ranked in the top 20. EchoStar will fill the hole with free Biography channel. But Turner is banging down the gavel -- running a spot on CNN banging a gavel with the line, "Don't stand for this injustice."

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