EBay Shares Rise on Listing Fee Increases

Shares of eBay gained ground as the Web-based auction site announced that it will raise its listing fees.

Effective Jan. 30, eBay will boost the cost of listing an item for sale to 40 cents from 35 cents for any goods between $1 and $9.99. Final value fees, or the percentage of a sale price that eBay retains from transactions, will rise to 3.25% from 3% for products that sell for between $25.01 and $1,000.

The company also increased fees on eBay Motors, its site for cars, boats and other vehicles. Among the changes, eBay's transaction services fee for motorcycles and "powersport" vehicles such as personal watercraft will go to $40, up from $30. The same fee for cars, trucks and other vehicles will rise to $50 from $40.