Rolls Rolls on Topless



In a few days, a slew of new models will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. Some will blow us away. Some will make us yawn and say, "are you kidding me?" But one in particular will take your breath away. It's the new Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe.




I'd use those adjectives to describe the Drophead convertible I rode in and examined while visiting the Rolls Royce Motors headquarters in Goodwood, England.

The V-12 with 453 horsepower ragtop (yes, it does NOT come with a retractable hard top) is a less formal Rolls. Sure, it starts at $407,000, but from the teak decking to the fold down bench seat in the trunk, the Drophead drops the stuffiness often attached to Rolls. It also has an aggressive stance and acceleration to match.

For Rolls Royce CEO Ian Robertson, the Drophead, which hits showrooms in August, comes at a time when the English automaker is bringing down the average age of it's buyers. What started with the Phantom a few years ago, is continuing with the Drophead. Rolls is updating it's line-up with style and attitude, which is tough for any automaker. Even trickier for a brand like Rolls that is steeped in decades of tradition and expectations.

Tonight at 7 during "On The Money," we will have the worldwide exclusive first look at the Drophead Coupe. Check it out. I suspect that your reaction will be much like mine: "Wow! Rolls is really rolling now"

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