Is David Beckham Leaving Real Madrid? Team Says Talks Are Ongoing

Controversial soccer star David Beckham is still talking to Real Madrid about a new contract and reports to the contrary follow misinterpreted comments by Real's sporting director, the club and the player's spokesman said.

Sky Italia said earlier that Real's Predrag Mijatovic had told the channel Beckham's contract would not be renewed and that he would leave.

A verbatim translation of the telephone conversation between the interviewer and Mijatovic went as follows:

"Will Beckham's contract be renewed?"

"No (pause) no. Beckham's contract has not been renewed."

But a spokesman for Beckham said: "I've spoken to Real Madrid about this and they say it is a confusion in the interview with Mijatovic.

"There is an offer on the table from Real Madrid and we will be meeting to discuss this in the next two days."

Real confirmed there had been a misunderstanding.

"Mijatovic was just stating a fact that the contract has not yet been renewed," Real's Communications Director Gaspar Rosety told Reuters.

"He did not say that the contract will not be renewed as talks are going to be taking place in the next few days. Anyone who read anything else into this has got it wrong."

Real have been offering the 31-year-old midfielder a two-year extension to his current deal, which ends in June, but said they wanted Beckham to make a quick decision on his future so they can plan for next season.

As of Jan.1, Beckham has been free to talk to other clubs with teams in England, Italy and the United States interested in signing him.