CNBC's Schacknow: A Good Scoop Can Make The Day

Instant CEO: US Airways ups the ante in its bid for Delta Air Lines - with an improved bid that it says could be worth up to $15.4B. The news broke at 6:45am - "Squawk Box" anchor Joe Kernen reported the news - and voila, we had US Air CEO Douglas Parker on the air just 15 minutes later. How did we do it? Let’s just say we have very good connections, and that a motivated CEO can be put on the air quicker than you can say “golden parachute”.

We Win!: A good scoop just makes the day of the Breaking News Desk. And our day (well, my day) was made - courtesy of sports reporter Darren Rovell, who got word that eBay was close to buying ticket reseller StubHub for $300 million. We quickly got Darren hooked up, wrote a few dekos, generated a chart of eBay shares so we could follow any reaction, and got Darren on the air at 1:15pm. A few minutes later, other sources generated their own versions of the story but - too late! We had it first! Yes, I know. Grow up! I can’t help it. Darren had the more mature reaction - in the form of a leaping high five.

What’s That Symbol Again?: Speaking of those hot market charts - they’re all the product of a system we refer to at CNBC as “Storm” - as opposed to our graphics system, which is known as “Thunder”. No, I’m not kidding. In any event, they’re very neat. If you know the ticker symbol you need.

Symbols for individual stocks are standard on all systems, but market indexes are not. So when our producers suddenly wanted a hot chart of the Venezuelan market after provocative (and market moving) comments by President Hugo Chavez, I scrambled through my papers trying to get the proper symbol. Luckily, "Squawk On The Street" News Associate Katie Iacovella knew the answer: .IBC. Obvious, huh? Katie is in charge of generating the charts (and about a million other things) for "Squawk On The Street" and has saved me from shame several dozen times. Thanks, Katie!