A Night at the Golden Globes

Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson

The first award given out at the Golden Globes went to Jennifer Hudson, a reliable clue that she'll win the Oscar. Then there were all those awards for TV. I was rooting for Jeremy Piven, but the fact that Jeremy Irons won for his role in Elizabeth, is certainly a reminder that it's the Hollywood Foreign Press Association not Hollywood voting. Hollywood does love its entourage. Irons makes a good point about his TV role, there isn't as much a divide between the big and small screen anymore.

Lasseter won for 'Cars', which was a big winner for Disney this year and one of the top box office winners of the year.

Meryl Streep was all teary for her win in "The Devil Wears Prada". That was a big profit machine for Fox. She talked about how lucky she is to be able to see such a wide range of movies by living in New York. She also talked about the importance of getting broader distribution for films and advocated people to go to their theater manager to ask for less "commercial" films - of course she does have a Redford film about Afghanistan coming out soon.

Eddie Murphy won for Best Supporting in actor for Dreamgirls in yet another sign that the Paramount/Dreamworks is going to clean up at the oscars... Good for Paramount after a pretty awful disappointing year. Nice end-of-year upturn.

Best line of the evening goes to Bill Nightly for saying his co-star Emily Blunt thought that he was the "science guy" for the first bit of shooting of "Gideon's Daughter"

Helen Mirren is the reigning queen of the year. For a "woman of a certain age" she is full or orgasm jokes--- she's hoping to have her first "big O" - Oscar that is - this year.

Got to love Alec Baldwin- he was wearing a lapel pin in honor of autism research. He said "When you're working for Bob Wright you'd wear a hubcap if he asked you to.... He means GE/NBC Universal Kmart, right? Is he surprised that NBC has such a sense of humor about 30 rock? Baldwin says, this is TV, as long as its profitable they don't care. He says he doesn't have the "trivection" oven yet- though his pushing it on TV has made it so popular, but next year when he builds his house he's going all GE.

Clint Eastwood just admitted he doesn't speak any other languages yet now he's a foreign film director/ producer with his recent film "Letters from Iwo Jima". I was sort of surprised that others foreign films didn't fair better. I would have expected "Pan's labyrinth" or 'The Lives of Other", A German film which I just loved, to have won but Clint can make a movie with a message- and "Letters from Iwo Jima" has one.

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