AMAT CEO Positive on Growth

Applied Materials CEO Mike Splinter is sanguine about outlook for the semiconductor sector despite industry concerns over competitor Lamb’s profitability being hit.

"We are still quite confident about the second half of the year,” Splinter told “Squawk Box Europe."

"(The) memory companies in our business are very positive, the logic companies are less positive and flat panel is taking a pause on investment," he said.

"(The) market will take care of itself, the forces generally do, and whether that ends up in consolidation or new products that take the fancy of the consumers," Splinter added.

Splinter predicts that the semiconductor industry will be increasingly focused on climate change and energy conservation.

"Electronics continues to grow and change the way people live and work and I think you’re going to see many high-tech companies start focusing on things like climate change,” he said. "This is something Applied Materials has been doing for the last several years to create products that are focused on solar energy and really help to make that a efficient and usable technology."