Microsoft's Ballmer: More Operating Systems To Come

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO
Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO

Not to turn this into a home page for Microsoft's Vista--it does release tonight at midnight--but we thought you'd be interested in what Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer had to say--as he talked with CNBC's Bill Griffeth about Vista and what lies ahead.

Ballmer naturally stood by Vista--calling it a milestone that helps change the definition of the PC. He also said that if users think this is the end of a big splash operating system--think again. Ballmer says Microsoft will have another OS down the road--he just didn't say when. (this is in contrast to the idea of incremental updates for computer operating systems.)

Ballmer says that he and his company read all the reviews, blogs and whatever is out there in regards to Vista during development and after. He said there more than 1 billion users sessions that were recorded in the building of the new OS. He gave another number--that some 1.5 million devices will be supported by Vista.

In general--Ballmer says that Microsoft is interested in innovation--and that will lead to success in the marketplace. As for competitor Apple--Ballmer says, they are playing catch up to Microsoft in areas like TV on the web. He says Microsoft is a leader in so many areas (Ballmer is known as a critic of his business rivals)

Reviews on Vista have been pretty good. Critical comments include the need for stiff upgrade because of Vista's need for greater power and speed--and one critic (Wall Street Journal) saying it's a worthy but unexciting product.

FYI: Ballmer has been CEO of Microsoft since 2000. He met Microsoft co-found Bill Gates, when the two attended Harvard University. In its 2006 "World's Richest People" ranking, Forbes magazine ranked Ballmer as the 24th richest person in the world, with an estimated wealth of $13.6 billion.