Judge Dismisses Wyeth Hormone Replacement Case

A Texas judge has dismissed a lawsuit from a woman who claimed Wyeth's Prempro hormone replacement therapy caused her to develop breast cancer, Wyeth said on Friday.

Wyeth said Judge Caroline E. Baker of the Harris County District Court in Houston granted its motion for summary judgment and dismissed the case of Brockert v. Wyeth, which was to have begun trial on Monday.

Madison, New Jersey-based Wyeth is facing about 5,000 product liability lawsuits involving its hormone replacement drugs, which control the effects of menopause.

Earlier this week, a state jury in Philadelphia found Prempro was responsible for a woman's breast cancer and ordered the company to pay $1.5 million in compensatory damages.

That case was the third to reach trial. Wyeth won the first and lost the second, although that suit is being retried after a Philadelphia judge threw out the verdict amid allegations of juror misconduct.