CNBC's Schacknow: All You Need Is Money

We spend much of our day at the Breaking News Desk evaluating the worth of stories for air. It’s most certainly an art, rather than a science, and there are many factors that influence our decision over what to put on air and how.

However, some stories cross the desk that are instant no-brainers. We saw just such a slam dunk this morning when we heard that Apple Inc. had settled a trademark dispute with Apple Corps, the company behind the music made by The Beatles. The agreement could open the way for Beatles music to be sold through online music stores like Apple’s iTunes.

Call me crazy, but there’s not much deciding to be done when the company that makes the iPod and the greatest rock band ever (OK, that was an opinion) are both involved in a single story. We put the alert on immediately and dispatched our Tech reporter Jim Goldman to report on it throughout the day.

You’ll recall that the Beatles formed the Apple label during the latter part of their existence and the skin side of the apple appeared as the label on side one of their records, with the inside on side two. Yes, there were once these big vinyl discs called records, with approximately half the songs on one side, and half on the other. Then there was this needle ... ah, never mind. Any reminder that I just dated myself severely is quite unnecessary!