Small Business Tax Break Debate Is On

The House will vote on a $1.8 billion tax package today that would increase tax breaks for small businesses as a way to offset costs of boosting the minimum wage, reports CNBC's Carl Quintanilla.

But how exactly that should be done is a point of contention.

Jonathan Jacoby, associate director for international economic policy at the Center for American Progress, told CNBC he believes the minimum wage bill should stand alone -- and small business tax breaks should be dealt with later.

"It seems the tax breaks are an afterthought," Jacoby told CNBC. "We can do small business tax breaks in another bill...(and) addresss small businesses not as an afterthought, but more strategically."

William Beach, senior fellow and director at the Heritage Foundation, believes the small business tax breaks are needed to help offset the costs of a minimum wage hike.

But, "we have a bit of a Rubik's cube," Beach told CNBC. "One move to make the minimum wage higher is being offset by others that make it more complicated. I think (we) have long way to go before we have good economic policy. It just shows you what Congress can do to the economy when it starts to micromanage it."