Renault Passing on Chrysler/Your Comments

This morning Renault/Nissan said it is not interested inbuying Chrysler. While the French/Japanese automaker alliance has been looking for a third partner in North America, and was trying to work out a deal with General Motors, the company says now is not the time for a deal. Not surprising given the financial problems that have hit Carlos Ghosn's company. The priority there is getting Renault and Nissan healthy and that could take a while.

Your Feedback:
The Behind the Wheel blog has been getting a steady flow of e-mails from you and other readers who have definite thoughts about what I've written. While I have not been able to answer all the e-mails, I thought I would take this time to answer a few of them.

Tony wrote in response to my writing about the Chrysler auction, "now the fun begins". His e-mail:

"Now the fun begins." This is fun? There are loads of jobs to be lost and you call this fun? Peoples livelihood is at stake and you are calling this fun? I bet you are the type that is all plugged into the Anna Nicole hype too!

Truth is Tony, there is nothing fun about people losing jobs. If you interpreted my blog as saying people losing jobs is fun, I apologize. My point was strictly from the standpoint of being a journalist watching company's fight for right to own a legendary automaker. Who's to say that when this process is over that Chrysler won't come out of it as a stronger and more vibrant company?

Ron believes that my blogs show I'm biased. He wrote:

It has become so obvious that your so very biased toward Toyota that you've lost site of the tremendous resurrection of G.M. and, now on it's way, Ford. Sure you talk a little about the improvements of the Big 2, but, not any where near what they deserve for G.M. being back to the top with their competitors!

I find e-mails like this one interesting since I hear the opposite from others who think I go to far to try and find faults with Toyota. Truth is I cover the auto industry from the stand-point of what I find newsworthy. Toyota moving into second place in U.S. sales, knocking on the door about becoming number 1 in global sales, and posting $9 Billion dollars in profit-more than double what the big 3 earned last year COMBINED are all newsworthy stories. So are the efforts at GM and Ford to turn around their companies. When GM earns more than Toyota, I will be at the front of the line reporting it. When Ford stops losing market share and re-takes #2 in sales from Toyota, I am ready to write it up. But one thing I won't do is try to build up one company (regardless of whoever they are) over another.

Finally, Bob took me to task for calling the Ford 500 boring. He wrote:

You called Ford's 500 model Stodgy and Boring. These comments are only your opinion and you should be reporting news not opinionating it.

Bob, This blog is not only about reporting facts, but also about sharing my thoughts on the industry. My view of the 500 is my opinion. And one that I've shared with readers (and Ford executives) in the past. I also find other models from other automakers to be unappealing, and when relevant to the topic of my blog, I share those views. Just as I encourage you to share yours. If you like the 500 (now the Taurus) and think I'm nuts, tell me so. The point is, this blog IS where you will occasionally hear my opinions and when you do, I will make it clear they are my opinions.

Questions? Comments?