More Mad Money Merger Picks

Let’s continue with Cramer’s top 10 list of potential anti-competitive deals that investors could make Mad Money on.

5. BP merges with Chevron. BP is management-challenged, and another leak has been found in one of its pipelines. Cramer says it’s time for Chevron to make something happen. So maybe prices at the pump would increase by 10 cents – we’d barely notice!

4. Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. The feds may have blocked this deal in the past, but a merger of these two defense sector giants would be amazing for shareholders. If Lockheed doesn’t like NOC, Cramer sees General Dynamics possibly making a nice, anti-competitive acquisition, too.

3. Comcast and Time Warner Cable. Your cable bill is steadily going up, but now Verizon is coming in with price cuts that are great for consumers. That can't stand. It's time for these two colossi of cable to combine and put an end to the downward price spiral that's capped increases in the last year.

2. Gannett and McClatchy – the deal that could save the newspaper business. A merger between Gannett and McClatchy would allow the papers to be a major force again.

1. Burlington Northern and Union Pacific or Norfolk Southern and CSX. There's still some price competition in the system that's not letting the rails raise prices like they should. An anti-competitive merger should take care of all that.

Bottom line: Nothing is more American than non-competitive practices. Cramer believes we're going to see a wave of mergers that will be great for profits, but aren't all that fair to the consumer. Who cares? Not you. You're the shareholders, and you want as little competition as possible.

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