Don't Protest Nukes, Profit From Them

Don't let living in the U.S.A. lull you into missing out on the future, Cramer says. In this country we've got a bias against nuclear power, and with the Democrats likely moving in, the bias will probably stay.

While we protest nuclear power, the rest of the world is leaving us in the dust. China, Cuba, France and even Iran are all embracing nuclear power (though Iran's motives may be more suspicious than the others). Regardless, what all these countries that want to boost their nuclear capacity have in common is the need for uranium. So we, as investors, need a uranium play.

Which brings us to Energy Metals. EMU is a Canadian firm that has been picking at the scraps of the mining industry by rolling up properties in the Western U.S. that have been abandoned by other companies. Cramer recommends this as your uranium play – but he warns all potential investors to be careful about buying it quickly and to use limit orders.

But wait – EMU still has no revenues, and it's not slated to start producing until next year. This is an early stage company, no doubt about it. The word speculative comes to mind – not for the faint of heart. But if you're willing to take a chance, EMU could be producing 5 million pounds of uranium a year by 2012. Using that as our key metric, EMU's a very, very cheap stock. All that and it has turned itself into a prime, first-strike takeover target, too.

Bottom line: We've got demand for uranium and even more demand for quality uranium plays – Energy Metals, EMU, has the fix.

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